Tips on Selling Used Underwear

Selling used underwear may sound like a fetish illusion but the reality of it all is really amazing. If you are a believer in the common saying, old is gold, don’t sit back on a gold mine. Instead, find out more on how you can make some extra income selling your used underwear on the fetish market. A number of used underwear sellers  out there can afford to pay their bills, go on holiday and even service their cars. The business is real and the income return is substantial to meet your needs.

Above all, you are your own boss; no dateline to beat and you don’t have to worry about your performance. But the burning question at the back of your mind is, how possible is it to sell used underwear?

How to Start Selling Used Underwear

You don’t need a lot of capital to do so. Your investment lies in your used underwear. But before you embark on this journey, you need to start from somewhere. However, the first step is to create an account on snifffr. You will also need a method to receive payment where you will carry out your transactions. The account must be reliable and user-friendly not to inconvenience either you or your clients. In that case, a Google Wallet account comes in handy due to its long-standing reputation.

Once the account is ready, you can link it with your trusted bank account so you can easily access your business proceeds. Consider that PayPal has issue with the adult industry so you may want to avoid using PayPal for transacting.

That is not enough. The next step is to market your business through advertisements. Remember, selling used underwear is not an ordinary business. You need to have the target group of your potential clients.

Therefore, there is need for discretion when trying to make your business known. To achieve your objective, you must do a background check for the ideal site to create your platform. Some sites are regulated and the content you might be trying to put out there to create your profile may be blocked or pulled down altogether. Luckily, some sites are borderline unregulated and that is the right place to showcase your merchandise.

In that regard, snifffr should be your first port of call. Better still, you can go ahead and create your own blog to establish your market niche. However, this is going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars in advertising. You might not know your market until you start selling used underwear to willing buyers.

A very important aspect when signing up to snifffr is that you need to be over 18. You are required to enter in your date of birth at sign up. If you are below 18, snifffr will reject your signup. Snifffr strictly does not allow minors onto the website. Should snifffr find that a user has lied about their age, they will be immediately kicked off the platform.

selling used underwear

Create Your Profile labeled Selling Used Underwear

Once you have identified and joined snifffr, the next task will determine the success of your business. Selling used underwear has attracted thousands of sellers. There are thousands of buyers out there willing to buy your used underwear on sale.

As a matter of fact, you need not despair due to competition but prepare yourself adequately to face that challenge. For that reason, where do you start?

First, take a picture of yourself for your profile. You may choose to remain anonymous and not disclose your face in the profile picture. It is entirely up to you whether you disclose an image of yourself or not. Snifffr does not mind whether you disclose your face. Consider that when selling used underwear, buyers like to know who the underwear owner is. You may stand more chance of making a sale if you show your face in the image.

The potential clients are interested in seeing and perhaps develop a connection to the underwear they are likely to sniff for their own reasons. Above all, choose a different profile name other than yours for the sake of your privacy. For some selling used underwear, staying anonymous is critical to their identity.

How Do You Keep Up With Selling Used Underwear?

As a side hustle, you need to create time for your new business venture. Time is of the essence because you will be able to expand your scope once you are adapted to the business.

Some clients might get overboard and ask you to do something that you may find outrageous. Some actions like masturbating and even urinating in the underwear are topmost requests you will get more often from clients. In fact, others would ask for photographic evidence of which you can choose to provide. Again, it is up to you whether you choose to fulfil the requests of the used underwear buyer. You may decide to charge a premium for the extra services the buyer is requested. This is where you can make some extra good money on the underwear.

It’s important that you put away time to work on your used underwear business. Like with anything in life, the more you put into something, the more you will get out. Ensure you have time to talk to people on the chat system or private message.

On the contrary, you can set your boundaries to enjoy your work. Not every client has a good motive while asking you to do the unthinkable and that is why remaining anonymous is often chosen.

Shipping costs needs to be agreed upon between the buyer and seller. Some sellers choose to include the shipping fee in the cost of the used underwear. However, many sellers choose to add this expense on. Its entirely up to each buyer and seller to work through this. Snifffr does not get into negotiations on behalf of the buyer and seller for shipping. If there are issues, you can contact snifffr support for assistance. Snifffr will do its best to mediate a fair outcome. It’s not very often that snifffr has to mediate a process. Majority of users highly respect each other and wish for a smooth transaction.

Transaction Part of Selling Used Underwear

Even though selling used underwear is an online business, the physical part of it is the most important. That said, you need to have an idea of how you will ship the used underwear to the buyer.

Furthermore, the used underwear is supposed to reach the customer while it is still fresh. In that respect, you are advised to package them in zip-lock bags to retain freshness or that fetish odor that clients are longing to fulfill their fantasies. The bags can reach them via a given postal address.

Beneficial Aspect of Selling Used Underwear

Many people selling used underwear have come forward with a lot of inspiring testimonies regarding the business. Depending on how special the request and what you do, you can make a very handsome profit when selling used underwear.

By now you have an insight into what selling used underwear entails. Selling used underwear can be a source of income for you and perhaps your livelihood can as well be transformed from the business.